Customs Clearance.

Experience swift, secure, and customized courier solutions with Alliance International Logistics Services, ensuring efficient logistics and reliable deliveries.

Simplifying Global Customs Clearance.

Customs declaration is a headache for customers in every country. With our Licensed Customs Brokerage professional personnel network, our knowledgeable in-house customs experts have decades of local experience and a commitment to integrity. We offer consulting services to ensure your shipment goes through customs seamlessly.

Efficient Customs Processing.

With an experienced team to handle unforeseen challenges, as well as modern equipment to facilitate fast and reliable shipment transportation. Our commitment to ensuring seamless customs processing drives efficiency for our customers' supply chain operations.

Tailored Services for Diverse Cases.

Different business scenarios demand different customs approaches. Whether it's business operations, investments, temporary import-re-export, processing, manufacturing, exporting, or other unique situations, we tailor our services to ensure that every customs process is executed safely and expeditiously.

Insightful Guidance and Support.

We provide invaluable insights into export regulations from Vietnam, equipping you with the knowledge needed to navigate international trade requirements. We offer assistance in completing customs forms, navigating customs valuation complexities like Certificate of Origin (C/O), and offering comprehensive advice on import taxes,....

Customs Clearance Service.

- HS Code Tariff consultancy.
- Import-Export customs clearance procedure consultancy.
- Customs inspection.
- Exhibition
- Cross-border customs clearance procedure.
- Licenses and approvals.
- CO registration, Phytosanitary certification, veterinary certification, Food safety and hygiene certification.
- Tax Refund.


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